Shadowrun AP Episode 26: Back from the Dead

July 25, 2017

Odysseus and Gears have just finished handing off Lino the rat to Nick Lucciano. They went to Der Beirgarten to celebrate, but before they can even finish their beers another job lands in their laps.


>>>>> [Yes, Mrs. Van Zant, we picked it up. How long do you want us to sit on it? Til morning? Yeah, I guess we can do that. I’ll put it in storage.] <<<<<

                --Mr. Tu, White Paper Fan of the Tong, (18:45:17/3-18-79)


>>>>> [Oh god, I hope he’s not a pervert. I don’t want him watching me if I have to astral project in this dirty van.] <<<<<

                --Mary, friend of Jessica Lucciano (00:18:38/3-19-79)


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