Odysseus Shadowrun Narration, Part Two: The Milk Run

January 18, 2018

Hello again!


Long time, no post! I’ve finally had time to continue my audio mixing practice before we start Season two in February. Here is part two of the Odysseus milk run. He’s with his team transferring a shipment of guns from the warehouse they’re stored in to where the trade is going to happen. I recommend relistening to part one so the flow of the narrative is better. Thank you for your patience, you’ll be getting more podcasts from us very soon!




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Odysseus Shadowrun Narration, Part One: The Milk Run

November 21, 2017

Hello all!


With Season One of our actual play podcast wrapped up and Season Two beginning in January, I wanted to take the time in between to get better at audio mixing. For the next several weeks, I'll be posting short narrated episodes as I complete them, so they may not be as regular as our actual play episodes. I want to make sure that they are the best I can make them, and each time improving on the quality of my work. With that said, if any of you audiophiles out there have any feedback and suggestions on how to hone my audio mixing skills (preferrably through Audacity as that's what I'm working with), I'd greatly appreciate it!




Sound effects and clips provided through freesound.org by:

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Shadowrun AP Episode 46: Xio’s Downtime Part Three

November 14, 2017

Xio’s back in Seattle, trying to ‘go back to the source’ and get her head checked. After a nine day wait she’s finally able to get to the cyber doc, but it’s hailing, the rental car’s autopilot won’t risk driving in that weather, and she’s in no shape to get there by herself. So, she calls up a friend to help her and they head south to Ft. Lewis.

>>>>> [How the hell is she still in the Matrix. Where’s her cyber terminal? Does she have a deck with her? We’ll need a stronger sedative. Kim, go get the horse tranquilizer.] <<<<<

                --Dr. Cummings, D.V.M. (14:22:36/4-5-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 45: Xio’s Downtime, Part Two

November 7, 2017

Xio continues to seek out answers for the increasingly disturbing glitches where she’s trapped in the Matrix, unable to control and jack out. She’s willing to look for anything that can help, or at least how to keep it from getting worse. Her search leads her to the Horizon hospital on the isle, to the mental asylum ward to meet with a man who failed to control his ability to access the Matrix.

>>>>> [“Hello, Miss Norris. If you’d like to follow me to room three, the doctor will be in shortly to take a look at,” the vet assistant looked at her chart, “Cat, is it? Ah, I thought it was a typo.”] <<<<<

                --Office of Dr. Cummings, D.V.M. (13:45:10/4-5-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 44: Xio’s Downtime Part One

October 31, 2017

After Sunny was a no show, and her altercation with the AI Nancy, Xio decided that it was time for a vacation. She went to the island to stay with Sitting Eagle and his family. There are questions that need answers, and if Xio can’t get help finding them the glitches she’s been experiencing may get worse.

>>>>> [You must return to the source. It is the only way to bring you peace.] <<<<<

                --Black Eagle (16:03:10/3-26-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 43: Odysseus Downtime Adventures! Part Two

October 24, 2017

Odysseus has untangled himself from the drama between Nick and Jessica. At least for the moment. He’s back on track, following up on the disappearances of Yi Kong and several other women at the hands of what looks to be a werewolf. It’s Friday night and he’s heading to Howl at the Moon to see if he can find Pauly, the creep he’s heard may be the one responsible.


>>>>> [I think I found someone who can help out your friend. She’s a professor or somethin’. Definitely out of our league, mate. Anyway, I told her someone’s interested in werewolves and I guess she likes talkin’ about ‘em. Told her you’d give her a call to set up a meet.] <<<<<

                --Phone call from Sly to Hans (19:05:34/3-24-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 42: Odysseus Downtime Adventures! Part One

October 17, 2017

Odysseus has a problem on his hands. That problem’s name is Jessica Lucciano. She has no desire to see her husband, but Odysseus insists that Nick will be able to help keep her safe. He’s not a good liar, and if pressed Odysseus would not be able to keep a secret this big. So he’s off to find Lucky, and practices very carefully the words he should say to stay on the mob boss’ good side.


>>>>> [Sunny, I got a message on my phone. Some guy being cryptic about one of the Enclave’s safe houses. You know anything about this? Have a listen, I think someone may have hacked my app.] <<<<<

                --Trollface (19:50:12/3-24-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 41: Gears’ Downtime, Part Three

October 10, 2017

We finish up Gears’ downtime as he takes some well-deserved R&R. He indulges in his new drug of choice, and invites his roommate to join him on an astral adventure. Then it’s back to business, as he needs to expand on his collection of drones to be more valuable to potential Johnsons.


>>>>> [Was any of that real? Did any of that actually happen, or was it some kind of shared dream? When can we do that again?] <<<<<

                -- Trixie (00:30:00/4-01-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 40: Gears’ Downtime, Part Two

October 3, 2017

Gears learned that his Camaro has a unique and dangerous onboard computing AI during his trip to Chicago. But there was more mystery over the person who modified his car, and what he was trying to accomplish. The AI may also have some form of consciousness. Or, according to the records he’s found, the car may actually be possessed after all.


>>>>> [Target risk analysis processing. Threat level 7. Elevating security measures.] <<<<<

                -- ‘Tracy’ (09:24:10/3-29-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 39: Gears’ Downtime, Part One

September 26, 2017

Gears has been trying to find out more about the history of his car for a while now. Through tracking down the list of previous owners, he’s traced its origin back to a mod shop in Chicago.  With no new jobs coming from Sunny, he has the opportunity to find out who made this demon car what it is, and why.


>>>>> [The car’s outside. If this is a trap I’ll make sure the whole Enclave knows who has the data chip. I’m not going down on my own.] <<<<<

                -- Carston Lund (06:35:18/3-22-79)