Shadowrun AP Episode 30: Odysseus Action Hour!

August 17, 2017

Life doesn’t seem to slow down for Odysseus. The more he takes on the less he seems to get paid. In fact, helping Jessica stay safe and hidden from her mother, Mrs. Van Zant, is costing him a good amount of nuyen. There are plenty of ways to settle a debt though. Some being more pleasant, some being more profitable, but they’re always dirty.

>>>>> [What do you mean they’re all dead? And she got away? Well you need to put more people on the street and get looking for her. I’d try her lawyer first, that slitch blocked me with injunctions. She might know where Jessica is.] <<<<<

                -- Mrs. Van Zant, (00:34:01/3-19-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 29: Paper Trails

August 15, 2017

Sunny’s hired on Xio and Odysseus to help her get into al Tahir’s home. Xio to break in, Odysseus to get them out if things get difficult. The window of opportunity to find the accountant who stole from the Enclave is closing. Al Tahir is going to get out of the city with enough money to buy a new identity. If they don’t manage to find what she needs, the whole investigation may fall apart.

>>>>> [>System: Elevator 3A0425 @ Fukishima Arcology has gone offline @ 15:46.<

             >System: Elevator 3A0425 @ Fukishima Arcology has come online @ 15:47.<

“Hey Expece, you see that?”


“Can you run a diagnostics on 3A0425 control box and make sure it isn't a malfunction?”

“I can, but I'm not going to. Currently dealing with too many other fires. Can you?”

“No, my hands are full with this fraggin’ Acuserv account.”

“Seriously, Therds? This is the second time in as many days we’ve had to dubug them. Just scrub the file and let's move on with life.”] <<<<<

                -- Chat text file taken from Recycle Bin at Flexus Underwritten Cybersecurity, (15:47:26/3-19-79)


Shadowrun AP Character Spotlight 3: Xiomara Saito

August 10, 2017

We all make mistakes, but leaving your deck on after a data heist from a Corp shouldn’t be one of them. Unfortunately Xiomara had to find out the hard way when rent-a-cops came to arrest her just as she was moving into a new place. But she’s not too worried. She’s got Kuma close at hand and an active deck that the cops didn’t think to shut down before transferring her and her stuff to the Jackson building for questioning. While the goons in uniform play their good cop/bad cop game, Xio is busy hacking their office. She just needs to keep them distracted for a little while. What better way to do that then by giving them all the information they ask for, and a lot more they didn’t?


Shadowrun AP Episode 28: No Rest for the Wicked

August 8, 2017

While Gears and Odysseus discover the connection between Jessica and Mrs. Van Zant, Sunny is closing in on the person who planned the string of arsons. She knows Zufar al Tahir used the fires to collect the insurance money. She knows that he’s about to skip town if he hasn’t already. Sunny needs to find out where he’s headed, but first she needs to find a way to get into his arcology residence without causing a scene.

>>>>> [“ Devon. Devon. Eat your macaroni and cheese, Devon.”

:: Goat bleating. ::

“Macaroni and cheese is good for you, Devon.”

:: More bleating. ::

“Eat your macaroni or you don't get any dessert.  Is that what you want to have? Your dessert taken away? Cause I’ll do it, Devon.”

:: Bleating intensifies. ::

“Fine then. Have it your way. I knew I should have programmed your cybernetic larynx to speak English instead of goat. I have no idea what he’s saying, do you Mother?”] <<<<<

                --Dr. Feel Good, (07:56:01/3-19-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 27: Who Says You Don’t Get Second Chances?

August 1, 2017

Gears and Odysseus got the jump on the organ grinders who’ve kidnapped Jessica Lucciano. They have a chance to take out a few Tong as well. But as much pleasure as that brings to Odysseus, he needs to find out why Jessica is so important to them and how he can stop them from finding her again. This means he needs someone alive to interrogate…

>>>>> [“Hey Sung, you going to be working late tonight?”

“Yea, got one that fell down the rabbit hole and Mr. Tu wants the hardware in his head. Why?”

“Figured we could get a beer after shift is all.”] <<<<<

                -- Conversation between Chan Ts'ao and Sung Yuan, Blue Lanterns of the Tong, (19:18:40/3-18-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 26: Back from the Dead

July 25, 2017

Odysseus and Gears have just finished handing off Lino the rat to Nick Lucciano. They went to Der Beirgarten to celebrate, but before they can even finish their beers another job lands in their laps.


>>>>> [Yes, Mrs. Van Zant, we picked it up. How long do you want us to sit on it? Til morning? Yeah, I guess we can do that. I’ll put it in storage.] <<<<<

                --Mr. Tu, White Paper Fan of the Tong, (18:45:17/3-18-79)


>>>>> [Oh god, I hope he’s not a pervert. I don’t want him watching me if I have to astral project in this dirty van.] <<<<<

                --Mary, friend of Jessica Lucciano (00:18:38/3-19-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 25: Alliance of Convenience

July 18, 2017

Sunny met with Detective Yumiri of Kagami Security, trading information to gain insight as to where Quickshot may be hiding. As she casts her search farther using her contacts she has to decide how much she’s willing to work with the security corps who are looking for him as well. She needs to find Quickshot first. If she doesn’t, the opportunity to learn who hired him and why will slip away, along with the payday she wants to get out of it.


>>>>> [There’s somebody else looking for Lund. She knows I’m looking for him too, I don’t think she’s made me out yet. Sounds like a Johnson. I’ve set up a meet with her, I think she’s looking to hire me on. Might be able to score some extra nuyen and get some more street cred. Of course I’m still bringing Lund in. I just want to know what she knows and what she wants.] <<<<<

                --Charlie Cordova, undercover KE Lt., (15:38:26/3-18-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 24: The Wrong Kind of Friend

July 11, 2017

Following the information that Maddie provided led Sunny to the Sun Son Apartments to find Quickshot. She and Terrence (aka Trollface) break into his apartment, but their mark wasn’t there. Instead they discover another sickening twist. The death toll following Quickshot is rising, and Sunny wants to get to him before he has a chance to add to it and disappear for good. To do this, she has to take a risk and reach out for help from a dangerous source.


>>>>> [You know I have a life, right? I can’t just sit around at your beck and call dredging up data. I’ve got plans tonight. No I’m not going out, but they’re my plans and I’m not changing them for you, Trollface.] <<<<<

                --Angie to Trollface, (19:55:21/3-17-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 23: Interview with the Arsonist

July 4, 2017

Sunny Day has a hot date with the arsonist responsible for burning down three of the Enclave’s safe houses and holding Mr. Parsons hostage. She’s not too worried though, Sunny paid a lot of money to get on Phantom Dragon’s good side. Besides, it’s not the arsonist Sunny’s after, but rather the person who hired her. The ork woman is all too happy to give up the info in exchange for a date and a competent, pretty face to do the talking for her on occasion. With the information in hand, Sunny picks up Terrence from the job he’s on to investigate the new lead.


>>>>> [No way, A-Arron. You can’t just leave me here while the job’s half done. I’ve got all these wires crossed and still need to connect all the lines to the breaker main.] <<<<<

                --Edgey to Trollface, New Felmore construction site (14:42:55/3-17-79)


>>>>> [I told you, I don’t need you anymore. I found somebody else. Yeah, it’s just business, you know? You just don’t do it for me anymore, and she’s gonna get me more than you could. No hard feelings, right?] <<<<<

                --Maddie, aka Phantom Dragon to Lorenzo Shade (20:12:36/3-17-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 22: How to Catch a Rat, Part IV

June 27, 2017

The culmination of the runners’ efforts is about to pay off. After tailing and spying on Lino, Gears and Odysseus are ready to put together the plan to pick him up. But Odysseus seems to have taken a liking to their mark. Will he still hand the young man over to Lucky, knowing what his fate will be? We’ll find out at the conclusion of our miniseries “How to Catch a Rat.”


>>>>> [Looks like they got him, Doc. I’m picking the fraggin’ rat up later tonight. I’ll send the rest of the money your way soon. Thanks for the help.] <<<<<

                --Lucky Nick Lucciano (18:57:14/3-18-79)