Shadowrun AP Episode 21: How to Catch a Rat, Part III

June 20, 2017

The runners are learning a lot about Lino. They’ve gotten to know him quite well, and soon they’ll have a plan to pick him up for Lucky. They just need his work schedule for the week to know when his next day off is. Odysseus is following up on a lead to find his missing friend, and gets some disturbing information that connects her disappearance with several other missing persons. Gears keeps track of Lino with his fly spy and finds out what his girlfriend does while Lino’s at work.


>>>>> [I don’t even know why you stay with that loser. You can stay with me, and we won’t have to sneak around. Think about it, Bess.] <<<<<

                --Eddie, the Side Piece (02:12:34/3-16-79)


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