Shadowrun AP Episode 40: Gears’ Downtime, Part Two

October 3, 2017

Gears learned that his Camaro has a unique and dangerous onboard computing AI during his trip to Chicago. But there was more mystery over the person who modified his car, and what he was trying to accomplish. The AI may also have some form of consciousness. Or, according to the records he’s found, the car may actually be possessed after all.


>>>>> [Target risk analysis processing. Threat level 7. Elevating security measures.] <<<<<

                -- ‘Tracy’ (09:24:10/3-29-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 39: Gears’ Downtime, Part One

September 26, 2017

Gears has been trying to find out more about the history of his car for a while now. Through tracking down the list of previous owners, he’s traced its origin back to a mod shop in Chicago.  With no new jobs coming from Sunny, he has the opportunity to find out who made this demon car what it is, and why.


>>>>> [The car’s outside. If this is a trap I’ll make sure the whole Enclave knows who has the data chip. I’m not going down on my own.] <<<<<

                -- Carston Lund (06:35:18/3-22-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 38: The Lockdown

September 19, 2017

Sunny is missing, leaving Xio and Alan stranded with their captive, waiting. Xio decides to take matters into her own hands and drives into downtown to visit Sunny’s office. She hopes to find some clues as to her whereabouts, but her office is locked up and no one’s home. Well, if you don’t count Sunny’s digital assistant, Nancy.


>>>>> [The frag? Which one? You sure? Mother fra-, okay. Just sit tight, don’t get in his face, but don’t let that fragger go either, you got me? I’ll be there soon to take care of that drekhead. No one tries a hit on my buildings.] <<<<<

                -- Nick Lucciano (17:46:13/3-22-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 37: No Answer

September 12, 2017

Alan has secured Zufar al Tahir and is on his way to turn the man into Sunny. She’s not answering her commlink though, so Alan needs to find some place to sit on their captive until he hears from her. Only she never calls back, and when he tries again Sunny’s number is disconnected. Fearing that they may not get paid, Alan and Xio try to find a way to get in contact with her.


>>>>> [We’re sorry, but the number you have reached is not in service at this time. Please check the number or try your call again later. Thank you. Goodbye.] <<<<<

                -- Automated Response (08:40:13/3-22-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 36: Exit Strategies

September 7, 2017

With both Lund and Trollface in the (multiple) hands of Dr. Feel Good and his scaly associate, Sunny has finally managed to rest. But it does nothing to lighten the oppressive weight of the data chip she carries. Sunny feels the walls closing in around her tighter than the body drawer she slept in. If Lund’s wrong, at least they can still turn him over. If he’s right though, it’ll be time for her to lay low for a while.

>>>>> [Oh, how exciting! Did you hear that, Mother? Not one, but TWO patients in need of my medical expertise. Oh, I do hope that I get to do surgery. No! Not like that! Not doing whatever I fancy like with my children outside. I mean delicate work. PAID work, Mother. Dr. Lewis, would you kindly clear that body off the other table? We’ll need the space and I don’t want our guests thinking they’ve come to a chop shop. Oh! I should put my face on. They’ll be here any minute now!] <<<<<

                -- Dr. Feel Good (23:35:04/3-21-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 35: Who Pulls the Strings?

September 5, 2017

With Carston Lund barely conscious in the back seat, Sunny and Trollface drive off into the night to turn him over and get paid. Lund begs for his life, which they would normally ignore. He claims that Corp puppet masters are really in charge of the Enclave. And he can prove it. They don’t have much time, and Sunny must decide whether to assume that he’ll say anything to live or trust that there is much more going on than she bargained for.


>>>>> [Doesn’t anyone get shot when the sun’s out anymore? Third time this week someone’s woke me up to see the doctor. Maybe I should get a night clerk so I can get a full night’s sleep.] <<<<<

                -- Adrian Gerstein, bookseller (23:29:58/3-21-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 34: What Lurks Below

August 31, 2017

The runners have fallen into the darkness below the Loblaw’s after Sunny’s trap failed to capture Carston Lund. Instead, he set a counter trap of his own, leaving only Trollface on the surface to stop their target from escaping. Sunny and the others have to find their way through the underground back topside. Before they can catch their breath though, the second part of Lund’s trap activates. Sunny, Maddie, Odysseus and Pollux have very little time to decide how to escape before what lurks below finds them.

>>>>> [I need a body. I’d make one myself but I can’t bring more heat down on me. It’d be nice if it was fresh, but at this point I’m not picky, I just have to have it before 6 tonight. I have a meeting with someone and I need to make an example of them.] <<<<<

                -- Carston Lund, (10:20:39/3-21-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 33: It’s a Trap!

August 29, 2017

As Alan and Xio track down and capture Zufar al Tahir for Sunny, she’s hired more runners to help her trap the last piece of the arson conspiracy. A meeting’s been set up with Carston Lund in a rundown part of Tacoma under the guise of high paying job. He thinks he’s being hired as an explosives expert for a team of runners. In reality Odysseus, Pollux, and Maddie are there to make sure he can’t slip away. With Lund and al Tahir both caught, Sunny and Trollface will be able to cash in big time.

>>>>> [Wanted: High end B&E Prime with experience overriding electrical and fire control systems. Demolitions a plus. Must be willing to travel and available for long term job, four to six weeks under the radar. Documents will be provided. Use the ‘Interested’ icon to submit your Enclave ID and work history for review. Approval will be sent to the chosen runner within 36 hours.] <<<<<

                -- Enclave Job Board Post LT79-D2-5-9501-N, (06:29:37/3-20-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 32: Racing the Clock

August 24, 2017

Alan and Xio are hard at work tracking down their quarry. After a long day (and night) of legwork, they’ve narrowed down the possibilities to a small number of outliers that don’t match up to the fake IDs they have for Zufar al Tahir. They are in day two of their 48 hour window, but Xio seems to have an idea of who made the IDs. She has his Matrix handle, and if they can find the creator they may be able to convince the person to tell them which ID al Tahir will be using for himself, and which are the decoys. They have a long way to go, and a short time to get there before their window of opportunity closes.

>>>>> [I have no record of your ticket purchase, Mr. Shubert. That’s the strangest thing. Let me see your ticket, please. And do you remember your confirmation number? This is the first time I’ve ever seen an error like this. Not to worry, Mr. Shubert, we’ll honor your ticket. I’ve updated the logs to add you back into the system. Enjoy your trip.] <<<<<

                -- Port Defiance Ferry terminal employee, Tacoma, (14:47:52/3-21-79)


Shadowrun AP Episode 31: Putting in the Legwork

August 22, 2017

Sunny has 48 hours to catch Zufar al Tahir before the brains behind the arsons skips town and disappears for good. She needs to get through the information they gathered from his home and figure out what ID he’s using out of the five active SINs he has to choose from. She hires Alan and Xio to get the job done. They don’t have much time, but Sunny is confident that if anyone can find al Tahir, it will be those two.


>>>>> [That’ll be 5.50. You want a couple scratch offs? Sure, there a nuyen a piece, how- what is that, someone’s actually calling? Hold on a sec, Silver… Hello, Stuffer Shack.] <<<<<

                -- Sitting Eagle to Silver Wolf, (12:07:00/3-20-79)