Shadowrun AP Episode 28: No Rest for the Wicked

August 8, 2017

While Gears and Odysseus discover the connection between Jessica and Mrs. Van Zant, Sunny is closing in on the person who planned the string of arsons. She knows Zufar al Tahir used the fires to collect the insurance money. She knows that he’s about to skip town if he hasn’t already. Sunny needs to find out where he’s headed, but first she needs to find a way to get into his arcology residence without causing a scene.

>>>>> [“ Devon. Devon. Eat your macaroni and cheese, Devon.”

:: Goat bleating. ::

“Macaroni and cheese is good for you, Devon.”

:: More bleating. ::

“Eat your macaroni or you don't get any dessert.  Is that what you want to have? Your dessert taken away? Cause I’ll do it, Devon.”

:: Bleating intensifies. ::

“Fine then. Have it your way. I knew I should have programmed your cybernetic larynx to speak English instead of goat. I have no idea what he’s saying, do you Mother?”] <<<<<

                --Dr. Feel Good, (07:56:01/3-19-79)


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