Shadowrun AP Episode 27: Who Says You Don’t Get Second Chances?

August 1, 2017

Gears and Odysseus got the jump on the organ grinders who’ve kidnapped Jessica Lucciano. They have a chance to take out a few Tong as well. But as much pleasure as that brings to Odysseus, he needs to find out why Jessica is so important to them and how he can stop them from finding her again. This means he needs someone alive to interrogate…

>>>>> [“Hey Sung, you going to be working late tonight?”

“Yea, got one that fell down the rabbit hole and Mr. Tu wants the hardware in his head. Why?”

“Figured we could get a beer after shift is all.”] <<<<<

                -- Conversation between Chan Ts'ao and Sung Yuan, Blue Lanterns of the Tong, (19:18:40/3-18-79)


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