Shadowrun AP Episode 25: Alliance of Convenience

July 18, 2017

Sunny met with Detective Yumiri of Kagami Security, trading information to gain insight as to where Quickshot may be hiding. As she casts her search farther using her contacts she has to decide how much she’s willing to work with the security corps who are looking for him as well. She needs to find Quickshot first. If she doesn’t, the opportunity to learn who hired him and why will slip away, along with the payday she wants to get out of it.


>>>>> [There’s somebody else looking for Lund. She knows I’m looking for him too, I don’t think she’s made me out yet. Sounds like a Johnson. I’ve set up a meet with her, I think she’s looking to hire me on. Might be able to score some extra nuyen and get some more street cred. Of course I’m still bringing Lund in. I just want to know what she knows and what she wants.] <<<<<

                --Charlie Cordova, undercover KE Lt., (15:38:26/3-18-79)


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