Shadowrun AP Episode 24: The Wrong Kind of Friend

July 11, 2017

Following the information that Maddie provided led Sunny to the Sun Son Apartments to find Quickshot. She and Terrence (aka Trollface) break into his apartment, but their mark wasn’t there. Instead they discover another sickening twist. The death toll following Quickshot is rising, and Sunny wants to get to him before he has a chance to add to it and disappear for good. To do this, she has to take a risk and reach out for help from a dangerous source.


>>>>> [You know I have a life, right? I can’t just sit around at your beck and call dredging up data. I’ve got plans tonight. No I’m not going out, but they’re my plans and I’m not changing them for you, Trollface.] <<<<<

                --Angie to Trollface, (19:55:21/3-17-79)


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