Shadowrun AP Episode 23: Interview with the Arsonist

July 4, 2017

Sunny Day has a hot date with the arsonist responsible for burning down three of the Enclave’s safe houses and holding Mr. Parsons hostage. She’s not too worried though, Sunny paid a lot of money to get on Phantom Dragon’s good side. Besides, it’s not the arsonist Sunny’s after, but rather the person who hired her. The ork woman is all too happy to give up the info in exchange for a date and a competent, pretty face to do the talking for her on occasion. With the information in hand, Sunny picks up Terrence from the job he’s on to investigate the new lead.


>>>>> [No way, A-Arron. You can’t just leave me here while the job’s half done. I’ve got all these wires crossed and still need to connect all the lines to the breaker main.] <<<<<

                --Edgey to Trollface, New Felmore construction site (14:42:55/3-17-79)


>>>>> [I told you, I don’t need you anymore. I found somebody else. Yeah, it’s just business, you know? You just don’t do it for me anymore, and she’s gonna get me more than you could. No hard feelings, right?] <<<<<

                --Maddie, aka Phantom Dragon to Lorenzo Shade (20:12:36/3-17-79)


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