Shadowrun AP Episode 20: How to Catch a Rat, Part II

June 13, 2017

Odysseus and Gears have taken the job to pick up Lino. They have to make sure no one knows he’s gone, and that means legwork. Lots of it. They settle into a safehouse nearby Lino’s place to start watching him. They need to find out who he spends time with, where he works, and when he’s away from the watchful eye of Aegis Safeguard Securities. Gears is also helping out the previous owner of the ‘demon car’, while Odysseus is trying to find out more information on the disappearance of a friend, if she’s even still alive.


>>>>> [I don’t know who Sunny is, I just know I was going to have some company stop by. You two want some Tempo? Novecoke? I’ll let you try my latest batch for free.] <<<<<

                --Yan Yan (19:22:48/3-13-79)


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